Shree Baladia Leva Patel

Sarvodal (UK)

Valji Manji Hirani


Valji M Hirani Having served within the Baladian Community for over 20 years, I am a face everyone recognises and a name everyone knows - VM! I have always been hard working and strive to deliver on the day and like to know the ins and outs of how we will deliver a good show for the enjoyment of the public, I am always keen to hear people's feedback so we can review and improve for the better for the general public. Having been on the team for so long I know many faces in the crowd and can use my experience to the advantage of both the committee team and the public and am happy to have voted in President once again. I started as a young face full of energy and I am proud to still be a key member of the team as a veteran and hope to pass on my knowledge to the next generation in the future so that Baladia can strive to continue to be the success that it has become known to be in the last 40 years.
Valji M Hirani Valji M Hirani